🌱 vegan | 💪 SOURCE OF protein

Crump plant-based mince

from nordic super-seeds

Add Crump to pasta, bowls, lasagna, or any other dish you hold dear. 52% of protein, high fiber, and magnesium – it’s a real superfood. 🦸

5 min to prepare + easy to digest

Super easy to cook

Crump allows you to do everything you could do with minced meat, only better. Be that a pasta, burger, lasagna, or any other dish you hold dear, we got you covered! See the video or check out our recipes.

🌮 Perfect for replacing meat or soy in every meal

💪 2x more protein than beef, low fat & carbs + Biohackers recommend

🧬 Complete protein – containing all nine essential amino acids and still tastes great

❤️ Vegan & organic. made with love in Estonia

☘️ Clean label – Made out of 2 natural ingredients (no soy, GMOs or e-additive)

👩‍🚀 Shelf-stable for 2 years, without any preservatives = perfect survival food


Crump allows you to do everything you could do with minced meat, only better. No waste, good for your waist, with all the taste. Be that a pasta, burger, lasagna, or any other dish you hold dear, we got you covered!


We created Crump to replace ground beef. This plant-based crumble uses 400x less water and 24x less CO2 to produce yet it provides 2.2x more protein than beef.

It also contains all 9 essential amino acids needed for life, which isn’t the case with many other meat alternatives. Our fluffy and crunchy crumbles are made of only 2 ingredients: 100% organic **** (ask us why this is hidden) hearth flour and organic peas. No preservatives, No Allergens, No GMOs, No Soy.

When combined with water you can use Crump™️ in the same way you would use ground beef. It takes only 5 minutes to prepare, is easy to digest, and stays edible for over 2 years.









*Data provided by environmental scientist Dr Joseph Poore of Poore & Nemecek 2018 Science.



Around 1.4 billion tons of food get thrown away every year. That’s enough to feed 2 billion people. Crump stays fresh up to 50x longer than meat thus reducing food waste significantly.


Global food production contributes about 17.3 billion metric tonnes of CO2 per year. That’s 19x more than the amount from the commercial aviation industry. Also, it’s responsible for around 37% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Needless to say, animal agriculture is the most wasteful industry facing the planet today.


To preserve and make food cheaper companies have started to use more GMOs, more preservatives, more chemicals, and more industrial processing. Which are proven to wreck your energy levels, increase your weight, and plummet your overall well-being.

The world is in dire need of a protein-rich food that gives you all the essential amino acids in sufficient amounts, doesn’t come with a long list of added ingredients, and most of all is good for the environment.

Looking at the nutritional, environmental, and ethical effects, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get at least a part of your daily protein from Crump™️. Crump™️ is not a protein supplement or a fake meat product. It’s made of 100% whole food with a substantially high protein and amino acid content. There’s no other plant-based food with as good of nutritional composition. At the same time, Crump™️ protein has other beneficial compounds.

Siim Land – Crump™️ Co-Founder, Biohacker & Best-selling author

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Crump is developed by The Naturist OÜ team in Estonia 🇪🇪, Co-founded by Siim Land, Jürgen Jürgenson and Taavid Mikomägi. For more info and custom orders contact us via the form or email info@getnaturist.com


Here you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about The Naturist and Crump!

Naturist is a sustainable food company that creates healthy and sustainable food options for the general public. We are on a mission to bridge the gap between food that’s nutritious, tasty, and least impactful on the ecosystem. We want to create healthy and sustainable solutions to foods that either damage your health or the planet.

Our team is currently very small, but we’ve discovered something extraordinary that nobody else has made before. That’s why we’re so passionate and enthusiastic about the potential of bringing Crump to the masses.

All of us were born and grew up in Estonia, which is why we’re all in love with nature. To not see our home and planet fall into ruin, we want to help people make better food choices that are good for their own health and the health of the planet.

Our initial product is a protein-rich granule called Crump™️ which is made of organic and all-natural ingredients.

You would want to get Crump™️ for reducing your carbon footprint without sacrificing your health and vitality. We don’t ask you to drastically alter your current food consumption. Instead, just try it out and see how you feel. You might be surprised by the efficaciousness and taste of our product.

Here are a few reasons why you’d want to change or at least try it:

It’s better for the environment

Nearly one-fifth of the greenhouse gasses is emitted by cattle farms alone (FAO). One cow produces the same amount of greenhouse gases as 4.5 cars; which is basically the same as driving 70,000 km (Wakker Dier).

Producing meat is highly inefficient. It requires huge amounts of water. Did you know that in order to produce one kilogram of beef, you need as many as 15,500 liters of water?

In order to keep livestock and feed the animals, you need a serious amount of land. Unique flora and fauna are driven to extinction. We see a rapid decrease in biodiversity all over the world.

Crump™️ takes 400x less water and 24x less C02 to produce.

We use at least 70% of all farmland for cattle farming and the majority of this land is used to produce cattle feed (wheat, corn & soy).

The plant which the Crump™️ is made of can grow in a lot of environmentally challenging conditions and locations that are inhabitable for many crops. The vast majority of land in the world isn’t suitable for the big monocrops, such as soy, wheat, or rice. That’s why we can take advantage of this plant’s incredible resilience and grow food that would otherwise not exist. Imagine how much more food we can make for all the people of the world!

It’s good for your health.

Plant-based proteins are considered adequate to provide your body with the protein requirements it needs. However, regular plant protein is short of a few essential amino acids and has other unwanted side effects. Crump™️ protein, however, has none of that and still gives you all the essential amino acids you need.

Crump™️ has a solid amino acid profile that benefits heart health, cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, obesity & longevity. It has a high amount of omega-3s that tend to be low in factory-farmed livestock.

Crump™️ is hypoallergenic, meaning, it doesn’t cause allergic reactions when consumed, compared to some other plant proteins. It’s also anti-inflammatory that helps the body to maintain an optimal state of health.

It’s better for mankind and the animals

Humanity eats way too much meat, dairy, and eggs. And the demand is growing. According to the Economist the combined total of livestock, living at any one time, is at least three times higher than the number of people. It is safe to say that it is getting crowded on our planet. And these 30 billion+ animals are hungry.

Crump™️ has a solid amino acid profile that benefits heart health, cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, obesity & longevity. It has a high amount of omega-3s that tend to be low in factory-farmed livestock.

The bio-industry but also the organic farms have put economics above animal welfare, resulting in unnecessary animal suffering. If you ever owned a pet you know animals have feelings and a personality. So sustainability and health aside, do you want to contribute to or help to end animal suffering?

You can write to us info@naturistfood.com or through social media!

Our team is located in Tallinn, Estonia.